CU Robotics

Competitive Robotics at CU Boulder


Our Mission

Design. Build. Code. Compete.

At CU Robotics, we aim to provide students with a dynamic engineering environment that prepares them for the workplace. Members work together to build a fleet of robots for the worlds most difficult collegiate robotics competition in the world, operating in subteam groups similar to real-world engineering teams.


The Competition

The RoboMaster Robotics Competition is an annual series in which over 400 universities from around the world have eight months to build a fleet of robots. At the end of the year, teams converge at their local tournament with aspirations of advancing to the prestigious final tournament. The RoboMaster game is played in a head-to-head format, where one team pits their fleet against another.  Some robots are driven by human operators via an FPV camera; Others are fully autonomous, and must rely on AI object detection and agile decision making.