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2024 Projects

The new season starts now! CU Robotics is developing a new fleet of robots to challenge for the RMNA 2024 title, hosted at home in Colorado!


2023 Fleet

CU Robotics developed four robots in 2023. For the first time, a dedicated 1v1 robot joined the crew, competing in a separate tournament.


All four robots competed at RMNA Seattle at the University of Washington in the Summer, achieving quarterfinal results.

We continued our tradition of innovating in RoboMaster, fielding a full fleet of omni-drive robots, with autonomous movement and firing capabilities and a low "debris clearing" chassis frame.

2022 Fleet

CU Robotics built a fleet of three robots for the 2022 RoboMaster season, which were entered into the Lone Star competition at Texas A&M University.


The team achieved a quarterfinals finish, an impressive result for a second year team.

This fleet of robots were the first to use a "Swerve Drive" type drive system in all of RoboMaster North America. We also rewrote our entire codebase and designed custom PCBs in the 2022 season.

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